A Wireless communication technology compatible with 100% of all devices for a large spectrum of secure data

Neither Bluetooth nor NFC can guarantee such portability, only our secure ultrasounds technology may offer such solution ready to install for your own services and products


Login & Password

Encrypted Key

Security Access

Indoor GPS



Digital Security

Identity Management & Access control

Smartphones and/or our US²B Key become the secured access keys and security dongles

Ultrasounds to authenticate online with no login or password
Your presence near your laptop or workstation is sufficient to unlock it, and moving away to automatically lock it, same goes for your tablet.

A new level of security

  • Anti-phishing solution
  • Multi factor authentication
  • Applying One Time Password rules
  • No keyboard thus no Key Logging

Ux enhanced, automatic login/logout

  • No ID or password to remember
  • Fast detection (< 2 seconds)

Ultrasounds can empower an automatic  “keep alive” feature (permanent authentification) by emitting regular pings based on unique ultrasounds.
Untraceable with profesional wireless scanners. Jammers are irrelevant.

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Smartphones become your badge for control access

SafeToken has designed ultrasound PCB to fit into your existing security access systems and complies with all security gate and lock protocols.

Our solution turns your smartphone into your control access badge.

SafeToken’s innovative security technology- based on ultrasounds – offers a more secure alternative for access control to buildings, facilities, offices and restricted areas than a simple access control card by decreasing the risk of stolen or lost badges.

Not only does the SafeToken solution increases corporate security, it doesn’t require extra training. Our easy-to-deploy solution guarantees that the day-to-day job of a security officer remains the same as per standard badges.

SafeToken also takes care of segmentation to ensure a smooth and easy deployment for the corporation.

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Ultrasounds to scramble data

Ultrasound as an encryption layer on documents.
From WEB, mobiles or with secured US²B Keys.
Unique ultrasounds are associated to encryption software to control the access to documents and information.

In office environments to prevent documents from being readable outside the secured work space.

In B2B or B2C relations to protect documents send over mail or any kind of messaging by providing an ultrasonic key over an alternative channel.

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Locks and electronic devices

Digitize the management of the access to your smart building, your home, your car …

Open doors with an app. Use a smartphone application to securely send encrypted keys and IDs to the existing intercom system to open doors.

Authentication and security

Permanent, time-based or one-time only access : the ultrasound can be used to identify the carrier and  to grant him access according to a preset security plan.
MMS / VoIP solutions to grant access to emergency services.

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Secure access control by smartphones

Ultrasounds to empower digital car key management.

A solution compatible with any smartphone or smartwatch.

Private drivers The smartphone becomes a secure car key for automatic access to the car and start the engine. Ultrasounds allow short range proximity detection and improve security against “men-in-the-middle” threats.

Rental car industries / Shared cars services Digital ultrasonic car keys allow unattended car services.  Secure timestamped keys are managed remotely. Delivered over smartphone apps or MMS to enrolled customers or trusted third parties.

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Cars become a secure delivery location

Delegate one-time access to authorized delivery companies

Key figures 80% of time car trunks are empty 50% of house deliveries take a 2nd attempt. Amazon’s Key In-Car Delivery covers less than 1% of the existing car park Target customers Postal Services and Logistic Companies.

Any recipient can deploy a bridge on his car.

The solution 100% of devices & cars are compatible:

• Seamless ultrasound-RF Bridge for cars

• Software on the delivery man’s device(s)

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Chipset manufacturer

We produce the chipset or PCB ready to use inside your own PCB with :

  • Secured storage on hardware level Login/password or other critical data are no longer stored on OS level
  • Secured exchange of information Sensitive information will be exchanged only by ultrasounds, remote exchange possible.

Ultrasounds as a secure key Specific ultrasounds carrying OTPs will be used to unlock and grant access to the data

As Bluetooth and NFC are not compatible with all devices, we deliver for you the solution that is compatible with 98% of the devices on the market ready to install on your own products.

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And much more

Safe Token solutions are designed to replace all existing authentification solutions including ID cards, loyalty cards, hotel cards, keys, etc. It is designed to bring hyper personalization a wide range environments such as homes, hotel rooms, cars, stores, websites, billboards, etc.

As Bluetooth & NFC are NOT compatible with all devices, we deliver a solution compatible with 100% of the devices on the market and a solution ready to be integrated into your own products.

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